Health and Beauty entering the era of SPEED

Our company was able to find out “body mechanisms” through a fusion between contemporary medicine and traditional medicine and developed on its own health and beauty equipment and health goods to solve, in a sure and SPEEDY way, health and beauty troubles appearing after a distortion of this mechanism, then supplied OEM and ODM to a large number of companies having sales structure. We also carried out know-how training activities and peripheral knowledge about what we believe to be “body mechanisms” and the related developed products.
The energy used by those products is physical energy existing in nature such as light, sound, electrical and electronic energy, Japan state-of-the-art electronic technologies, alloy technologies and others are gathered together for the development and production of those energies supplying equipment.
Both “highly safe and speedy sure results” obtained! By using it you will get immediate satisfaction with sensations and feelings surpassing your expectations leading you to “emotion”. Please feel the true Japan Premium! and Japan Pride !
Regarding home use beauty equipment, we are Japan’s pioneer and our 25 years of experience and achievements since around 1990 are aggregated in all our company’s behavior.