Business aims that we MAXPLAN have.

Our ancestors transmitted us that the most important elements in business management are “Heaven’s Luck, Territorial Advantage and Harmony among People”.
When you believe that “Heaven’s Luck” is the most essential element of those, understanding that health and beauty industry are “required in the times we are living in” then you know in the same time, it is the right moment to seize the biggest chance that has arrived.

From now, 30 years of “Heaven’s Luck”

It is clear that if you look at the demographic structure of Japan, it is a well-known fact that Japan is the first country in the world to enter a full scale “super aging society”.
In 2015, the population aged 65 and over is said to be approximately 35 million people, in fact we entered an era in which one third or more of total population is counted as elderly (based on data announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications). Then, this new market created by elderly population is exactly the market required in the times we are living in and for the next 30 years, we believe that this is precisely “Heaven’s Luck”.

Essential values demanded by the aging society.

It is clear that the requested needs of this aging market are “maintenance and promotion of health”, “complements to respond to a decrease of body’s ability”, “anti-aging beauty” etc, all that is created by people’s fundamental desires. With such background, nowadays “health and beauty industry” has become a major industry. However, it is also true that we can see for some health and beauty businesses, there are still superficial elements and a lot of movements responding to quickly passing craze. We think that those businesses, because they don’t look at the “people” as market principal element, cannot meet the requested needs of this era.

Be familiar with body mechanisms.

Our bodies are made up of 60 trillion cells. They maintain life being reborn one after another with a new metabolism.
If the 60 trillion cells are, one by one, kept in a healthy condition, the body, which is an aggregation of those, will also be healthy. Also, if cells are healthy, genes inside will also be. We think that it is closely related to the healthy heart which people originally possess.
How to build healthy cells and maintain them? Fundamentally this power is our body inherent natural healing power.
However, because of living habits and modern life environment influences and aging, this fundamental power can no longer be applied. Also, because “distortion” occurs in entire body balance, symptoms of “stiffness” and “pain” and performances deterioration will appear.
After recognizing the environment surrounding us and the current state of our body by firmly observing signals (reactions) that body emits, we can assess essentially needed factors of this person.

For body mechanisms working properly.

[ Theme Ⅰ ] To adjust whole body balance
Keep balance of internal organs/muscles/energy flow (meridian) to obtain a body without “stiffness” or pain. Also, it is possible to complement body performances decreasing with aging.
[ Theme Ⅱ ] To correctly adjust body environment
More than 80 percent of Japanese people are in a chronic “increased sensitivity to the cold”. "Cold" inhibits the body original functions, causing various health and beauty problems.
[ Theme Ⅲ ] To protect cells from the harmful effects due to lifestyle
It is important to protect cells from aging mechanisms such as “Oxidation by free radicals” and “Glycation by Maillard reaction” and also to repair damaged cells.

What could we do to make properly work the inherent power possessed by people’s "body" ?
To understand “body mechanisms” and to realize themes Ⅰ~Ⅲ are the core business objectives that we MAXPLAN have.
To obtain health development through functions normalization is precisely the theme of MAXPLAN business objective.