Masafumi Seki

Born in 1948 in Kyoto. Used to work as Head of international sales of a leading general trading company but moved out to health industry aiming at "the practice of preventive medicine” . After that for 35 years he operated various business developments in the “heath and beauty industry”. Established MAXPLAN in 2005 and in addition of his national project he is in a full-scale challenge developing overseas business.


Kazuya Taniguchi

Born in 1967 in Tottori City. Involved in health and beauty business since MAXPLAN establishment in 2005 he is currently supervising sales operation as “Director Head of Sales Management Division” and performing as “the Cornerstone of Sales”. At the same time, he is also working as the Vice President of Self Living Institute.


Koichi Tachibana

Born in 1950 in Matsuyama City. After graduating from Nagasaki University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences he run 2 pharmacy stores in 1980 using the experience he obtained working at a world-wide level medicine maker. Also, as President of Self Living Institute, he developed his own health method called “Trim Conditioning Theory”. He is currently focusing on technical advisers and younger employees training.


Kikuo Konno

Born in 1948 in Ishinomaki City. Since 1970, he has consistently worked for 45 years as the responsible for import and export business of synthetic resin products for a leading general trading company, he is a professional in overseas import and export delivery. Our company used MAXPLAN (Co., Ltd.) overseas business launch as an opportunity to call him and he is currently working as “Overseas Division Chief” responsible for overseas sales.


Hiroyuki Nakajima

Born in 1979 in Furukawa City. Engaged in germanium health jewelry products development since around 2005 he developed is currently working as full-time lecturer, holding lectures in whole Japan aiming at the diffusion and instruction of the “Trim Conditioning Theory” as “Senior Researcher of Self Living Institute”.