Development of original products reflecting "body mechanisms”

  • Beauty Equipment


    We supply OEM/ODM by developing beauty equipment using state-of-the-art electronic and electrical technology that combines physical energies such as light, sound, electrical and electronic energy, offering safe and sure results.

  • Health Fashion


    By providing electronic stimulations along the meridian from outside the body, it is possible to eliminate body malfunctions. We develop/supply products incorporating such effects in fashion.

  • Health Food/Diet Food


    We supply OEM by planning the development of health food using natural ingredients including antioxidant or having antioxidant function and delicious diet food keeping down caloric intake to also prevent aging.

  • Beauty and Health Goods


    Items researched and developed for beauty and health using ingredients that efficiently improve body functions and metabolism.

  • Beautifying Agents


    We supply OEM by developing beautifying agents specifically for beauty equipment providing sure and fast results thanks to a combination of nature raised functional ingredients and metals having high electron generation efficiency.

  • Natural Ingredients


    We directly import from local makers high value-added materials such as amla, Curcumin and other materials having high performances from India, organic Panax ginseng powder from China, Mount Goryeosan ginseng root extract from Korea, etc.

List by themes of materials and technologies

  Theme Point Material Place of origin Form
Adjusting the whole body balance ①Countermeasures for stiffness, pain
②Physical ability improvement
③Facial beauty, Weight reduction
Electron generating materials
New alloy materials
Japan Jewelry
Beauty Equipment
Conditioning equipment by light, sound, electricity, etc.
Correctly prepare body environment Countermeasures for "Cold", "hypothermia" Seawater concentrate minerals Japan Imported directly
Raw material supply
Goryeosan ginseng root extract Korea
Panax Ginseng (Noto Ginseng) China
Protect and repair cells from the harmful effects due to lifestyle Countermeasures for oxidation by free radicals, glycation, saccharification by Maillard reaction Amla extract India
Curcumin (Turmeric extract) India
LED light therapy treatment Japan