Customers, in order to respond to symptoms and diseases related to their own beauty worries, purchase products hoping that their condition will really improve with true “effects” and “results” showing. Most of current products are developed with a “symptomatic” approach and most of companies perform business operations with a short perspective thinking only “what can we sell now?” or “what’s booming?”, giving the impression that in the current situation customers are the mercy of such way of thinking.
To support the true “effects” and “results” demanded, it is important to develop a product intrinsically understanding and reflecting “body mechanisms”. Looking directly at the “people born from nature and kept alive in nature” principle, we believe that this enterprise built on the “body mechanisms” provided to us “the people” is exactly our true mission required in the times we are living in.

Company Name  MAXPLAN Co., Ltd.
Address 2-5-33 Fushimidai, Inagawa, Kawabe, Hyogo, 666-0262 Japan
Tel:+81-72-765-1011 Fax:+81-72-765-1012
Chiba Office 2-7-7 Hiraga Gakuendai, Inzai-city, Chiba, 270-1606 Japan
Date of Establishment 

October 2006   (Founded in January 2005)

Capital  10,000,000 Yen
Executive Representative Director Masafumi Seki
Director Kazuya Taniguchi
Number of Employees 7
Business Description
  1. Planning, manufacturing, wholesale and export of health jewelry and health eyewear
  2. Planning, manufacturing, wholesale and export of beauty equipment, cosmetics and beauty-related goods
  3. Planning, manufacturing, wholesale and export of health and beauty food and diet food
  4. Import, export and wholesale of health food ingredients and spices